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November 2012

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Still going strong!

I have good news! Although I've been pretty busy (a little too busy to come on and post regularly), I'm still on track and still losing my 2lb per week!

I'm now down to 178 (from 183 at the beginning of the diet/Sept or 185 which is my highest, and which I did hit at some point this summer). That is 5 pounds!! In 2.5 weeks!

It also means I'm no longer obese. /whew.

The hunger pains have gotten a bit easier to deal with. I've even been to Subway like, 5 times. McDonald's once. A diner once. Some days I eat a little more, some less. I'm keeping up with the healthy dinners, so that is awesome! I did get my one bike ride in... but not my workout video. The DVD player died and I've been a little under the weather. I think it is just severe allergies (mostly nasal symptoms) but I feel kind of weak off and on, get the occasional sore throat (the post nasal drip) and nausea (ditto).

I also discovered a new shake recipe to die for! I had to modify it a bit to get it to my tastes, but it basically tastes and feels like a chocolate milkshake... yet contains no ice cream or even yoghurt. Yum! It's made with zucchini, banana, sunflower butter (allergic to nuts/peanuts, here), milk, cocoa powder, and agave. You freeze the banana and zucchini (after chopping!!) and it comes out cold and thick and creamy.

I started PMSing like a week ago (I have PMDD so I'll be another week probably...) and although I'm kind of sore and tired, I've not experienced the cravings and hunger pains I'm used to (though they may be yet to come!). But on the upside, I think I've learned enough now that I could probably satisfy those and still have a calorie deficit!

Dinner tonight will be pork tenderloin with green beans. Lunch will probably be a choc shake as described above, and I'll have an apple or a tangerine as an afternoon snack, and maybe blueberries in the evening if I want. On days that I do a shake lunch, I have room for extra snacks!

Next week I will be visiting my Mom. I plan to cook us a dinner every night of the week and that way we won't end up at so many restaurants (we will likely treat ourselves on the weekends once or twice!). She knows I'm losing weight and is supportive so we'll make healthy choices.

That's all for now!