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November 2012

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September in Retrospect

Well, I made it through the month! And guess what? I made my goal of 8 pounds (2lb per week weight loss)! So that is 10 total. I'm at 175. Woo!

AND I did the last two WHILE away AND with a thrown back, doing bed rest and stuff. I'm kind of proud!

I'm also proud because I spent that week NOT counting calories, just working from estimations and trying to use what I've learned to make good choices. It was partly a break from counting, partly a test, partly just convenience because I didn't have all my notes or my own food and so on so it would've taken extra time, plus I could barely walk. But, first day back home today and I've tracked everything, so kudos to me for getting back to that habit also!

Not proud about the back though. Reason and sign from the universe #591 to lose more weight and kind of a kick in the back (not the butt) to get fit also, not just be watching my food. So I'm going to be more serious... that thrown back was the first time ever, and it just happened (I didn't do it lifting anything or whatever, I woke up that way). I am going to have to make getting stronger and fitter a priority too.

The once a week yoga will be a great start. Tomorrow, we'll be taking a walk to get some supplies (coffee, yoghurt, etc). Until my back fully heals (8 days now, still not healed) I will have to be gentle and careful, but I can start making fitness a habit by walking or doing gentle yoga at home.

Oh! And I bought my September reward yesterday -- I reusable large cup with lid and straw (mimics a takeout drink cup) for my shakes. It's super pretty and really fun!

Finally, I read something interesting last week. I had always been told "it takes 30 days to form a habit." But it is actually more like 66, or 9-10 weeks. So, just because I've done great for a month doesn't mean I can consider myself reformed...

If I maintain my 2lb per week weight loss then I could be 150 by Christmas and 148 by beginning of Jan! Of course, once the holidays come, I may want to take a maintenance week or two in order to have room to enjoy some treats. So I might hover around 152-5 for a bit instead. I still intend to count but I may just eat to my baseline.

Of course... if I am super good, and add a lot of exercise before Christmas, I could actually get slightly more than 2 pounds a week (about an extra .5 per week is realistic, so 2 extra pounds at the end of a month, for a total loss of 10 lb instead of 8) then I could hit 150 before Christmas and just maintain that.

But 150 is an important number for me; at 149, I will officially no longer be "overweight" (as a health category). So here are some of my motivations:
  • Get fit to prevent another horrible back injury
  • Get to 150 before Christmas so I could feel even better about myself while doing a maintenance week or two and enjoying the seasonal foods (and for this, I'll need to get fit!)
  • Get past 150 and into an officially healthy weight by say, mid-January 2013 at the latest