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November 2012

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October in Retrospect, Part 1

October has been a bit of a strange month for me... but I wanted to check in and say, I'm still here, I'm still on track, I'm still doing this.

October saw me not tracking food anymore. I kind of let myself go a bit lax because, since I was eating the same things repeatedly, I felt I could guesstimate my daily totals decently enough (and I still measured!). I also visited my parents twice, which takes away my control over food -- there are "bad" snacks in the house, I don't make the meals, there are restaurant visits, etc. And, well, sometimes you just have to have a little fun, yes?

I have kept up with yoga classes... but not started a new workout plan to build up my back or general fitness level. I still plan to, though!

But let's not focus on what I didn't do perfectly, because the goal was never to be perfect:
  • Since starting my diet, I've never eaten over my baseline (~2200 calories per day)
  • I've managed a deficit of minimum 400 calories every day -- but most days, it is 700-1200 deficit
  • I'm in much better control of my hunger, portions, and cravings
  • I'm learning to be flexible and to work in foods that I enjoy
  • I'm allowing myself to be comfortable with a period of slower weight loss (~1 lb per week) rather than being too strict or freaking out
And the official almost-end-of-October weigh-in? 170! That's 13lb loss since the beginning of the diet (early September) and 15lb loss since my highest (which I did briefly hit over the summer).


Okay, so this weekend, I'll have S measure me again and see what I've lost in cm (we're doing cm to boost my ego, plus we're Canadian, eh?). It will be the first time since the beginning of the diet. I didn't want to do it too often and get frustrated.

My original goal was 155 by Christmas, 150 if I pushed it via perfect 2lb / wk loss + new exercise plan bonus loss of 2 extra lbs per month. That is not gonna happen now, as I am... *thinks*... 4lb behind the "perfect" plan and 5-6lb behind the "perfect plus" plan (in the last 35 days, I've lost 7lb, not the possible 11-3). But, that's fine. I spent about a week not even in my own house, had meals out, ice cream, pizza, burgers and fries, and my Mom's apple crisp. And lost 7 freaking pounds. How is that bad?

That said... I am going to go back to tracking this week (at least) and try to get two more. Because, well, sometimes, 1lb a week is cool. Other times, I should go for 2, you know? I also want to figure out a workout plan that I can ease into. I am thinking that I may start with a daily yoga practice and build up. When I'm sure my back can handle it, I'll start adding in the odd Jillian Michaels or Billy Blanks hardcore workout and see how that goes. But for now, I just have to a) get into the habit and b) be careful not to hurt myself.

So my new by-Christmas (time, not day, so like, end of Decemberish) goal is 160. That's not that far off from the original 150-5, and it's pretty doable. I have 66 days until Jan. 1 and 10lb to go. All I have to do is lose at least 1lb per week and I'll get there. I also think that I'd be down a size (from 14 to 12) by about that weight so that would be pretty fun!

I'll check in again at the very end of October and let you all know how the week of back-on-tracking + hopefully working out goes!


congrats on the weight loss and welcome back!