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November 2012

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October in Retrospect, Part 2

Okay, I promised I'd be back for a weigh-in and measure! I lost another 2 lb in October and another 1 lb since then. I weigh 167 lb and my jeans are slippin' down, and it feels good!

On the downside, I think I might have developed some mild carpal tunnel ... or rather, "cubital tunnel." I have a tingly left hand (mostly baby and ring fingers) and have for several days. I've also had some mild indigestion and general seasonal affective disorder-type malaise. And my right knee has been bugging me. But I've been working on taking better care of myself (read: actually doing my hair and nails and wearing colours and girly things like that) and that's been helping with the moods. I don't want to sink down into a depression, as I have a lot of changes coming up in my life this winter. Well that and... who wants to sink into a depression, ever?

Anyway! Here are my measurements! In cm, because, yay metric system!

Neck: -2 cm (0.78 inches)
Calf: -2 cm (0.78 inches)
Thigh: -7 cm (2.75 inches)
Hip: -10 cm (3.92 inches)
Waist: -11 cm (4.33 inches)
Chest: -3 cm (1.13 inches)

That's about 4 inches off my hips and waist, and almost 3 inches off each thigh. DAMN I'm good!

Annnnd... my arms gained like 2 cm up top, 1 on forearm. But I think S must have measured me wrong to begin with because... that's not realistic. He probably just measured a different part of the arm or something. I mean, I've been doing a bit of yoga, but weight loss actually takes off muscle mass (your body will burn both fat and muscle when you restrict calories) too and I haven't been doing enough to really build my arms out. I can do a plank for like, 30 seconds before wanting to cry. (STILL have not met my fitness goal of starting up a great new routine. But it is STILL on the books to do. And I have TWO yoga classes booked this week so that will be a great push!)

Final thought: I think I have officially shrunk a size, but I am not dragging out the size 12 pants yet, because I'm enjoying the feeling of wearing my size 14s that feel too big, too much!