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November 2012

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Week 1 End: Down 2

I started my diet last Sunday and I hopped on the scale this morning and I'm officially down two pounds (to 181)! I am perfectly on track so far, and I even got my hair cut today. I'm feeling pretty great!

By this time next week, if I stay on track, I could be 179 and officially (though barely) no longer "obese." If that won't motivate me to stick to it, I'm not sure what could.

In other news, I did some reading yesterday about "intermittent fasting" or "IF." A lot of the methods would not be for me, but some of it was intriguing -- namely, that breakfast is not actually a "must" and that, in some people, breakfast actually triggers hunger and cravings within an hour or two after eating it. For some people, not eating breakfast not only makes them less hungry in the mornings (and thus less cranky, distracted, or weak feeling) but also gives them more calories for their other meals and snacks, allowing them to feel more relaxed throughout the day.

So I thought I'd try an experiment. I used up the last of the milk yesterday and knew I had my hair appointment at 11. I decided not to have breakfast.

Now, I'll have to try this again to see if it holds over time but actually, I didn't feel hungry until about 11:30, and at that point it was normal, "healthy" (even, dare I say, pleasant?) hunger. You know, the kind people talk about wanting to "work up" before a big meal or something. It wasn't the lightheaded, mood swingy, eat-now-or-pass-out sort of hungry.

I might just experiment with skipping breakfast more often!

Oh! And I totally managed to walk right by several fast food joints and not "treat" myself to their food. The real treat is the weight loss, and I deserve that. I deserve better than what I've been doing to myself. So I'm pretty proud of myself today.